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LUXE BASE silk pillowcases and eye masks are all 22 Momme high quality 100% silk

Reduces friction on hair, minimising frizz, tangles, split ends and breakage

Less absorbent than cotton, means more product on your and face less on your pillow

Naturally hypoallergenic perfect for people with sensitive skin and allergies

Prevents wrinkles less friction less folding and creasing while you sleep

Silk regulates body temperature

Naturally repels dust mites

Not treated with any harmful and toxic chemicals, which means they are healthy for your skin and hair

Made from 100% pure mulberry silk, meeting the strictest guidelines from OEKO TEX

20% MORE SILK per square inch than other standard silk pillowcases

Reduces your exposure to dust mites, mould, and fungus, all of which can exacerbate symptoms of allergies. In beauty terms, this helps reduce puffy, watery eyes and redness on your skin

Less friction maintains blow waves and overall hair health

Unlike cotton silk is hydrating and hypoallergenic

Due to the fabric being softer than any other fiber it reduces the friction whilst sleeping which leads to few flare ups and irrational whilst sleeping

Silk is less absorbent than cotton which means it helps keep the moisture close to your skin, keeping it hydrated and nourished 


Start reaping the endless benefits today by sleeping w. LUXE BASE.